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Roasted Carrots Recipe

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Roasted Carrots Recipe

Dr. Anthony’s Roasted Carrots

Growing up in my hometown there was a lot of farmland. So, from a young age I was always going to farmers markets and actual farms to get food. Nothing beats picking a fresh tomato right from the vine or digging a vegetable straight out of the earth. One of my absolute favorite vegetables to eat straight from the ground are carrots. The taste does not compare to what we have access to at the grocery store. The color is vibrant, they are super crisp, they are aromatic, and they are bursting with flavor. When you eat food closer to when it is picked it is shown to contain more nutrients and living enzymes our bodies need.

Another reason I like carrots is they are very versatile. Carrot juice is delicious and healthy. You can steam them, sauté them, eat them raw, roast them in the oven or wrap them in foil then throw them in a fire while camping. Each method makes the carrot express a different flavor which is pretty cool. This oven roasted recipe would work great wrapping them in foil and cooking them in the hot coals of a fire for about 20 minutes.

When most people hear of carrots, they think it is good for their eyes or vision. This is due to the compound vitamin A or beta-carotene which is known for its antioxidant properties.  Rhodopsin is a photosensitive pigment that is required for normal adaptation to dim light. When insufficient vitamin A is available, production of rhodopsin is reduced, and this results in delayed adaptation to dim light and low visual acuity at night (1). The resulting night blindness is a common clinical symptom of vitamin A deficiency in children and pregnant women in less industrialized countries (2–6).There was a study that looked at the effect of vitamin A and pregnant women who had night blindness. The study concluded dark adaptation improved on average in all groups of night blind women who received small daily doses of vitamin A for 6 weeks, regardless of the source of vitamin A.

Remember it’s about how we eat, move and think that leads us to a state of homeostasis. Eating carrots is one way to improve one of these 3 factors. Make sure to keep your spine healthy with regular adjustments. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Let us know if you like this Roasted Carrots recipe.

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Reference Article:

Marjorie J Haskell, Pooja Pandey, Joanne M Graham, Janet M Peerson, Ram K Shrestha, Kenneth H Brown, Recovery from impaired dark adaptation in night blind pregnant Nepali women who receive small daily doses of vitamin A as amaranth leaves, carrots, goat liver, vitamin A–fortified rice, or retinyl palmitate, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 81, Issue 2, February 2005, Pages 461–471,

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