The Link Between Weak Core Muscles and Low Back Pain

Weak Core Muscles and Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Low Diagonal Sit Exercise to strengthen Weak Core Muscles

Weak core muscles are a large contributor of developing low back pain and other muscles imbalances that can affect posture. The low diagonal sit is a great exercise to train muscles of the core. It is simple and very effective to strengthen and train the abdominal obliques, gluteus maximus, (Gmax), and the transverse abdominus muscles which are core muscles that help stabilize the spine for the prevention of low back pain.

I found a piece of research that describes the importance of strengthening these core muscles for the prevention of non-specific low back pain, NSCLBP. These muscles are key components of trunk rotation and pelvic stabilization. A sedentary lifestyle can cause atrophy, or a decrease in muscle, of these key core stabilizers. Here are a few quotes from the study.

“This study describes an effective method to decrease low back and gluteal pain in NSCLBP patients. It encourages the clinician to consider core stabilization exercises, which can improve core muscle thickness, and reduce patient disability. These findings support the inclusion of Gmax in addition to abdominal and back muscles in the rehabilitation of patients with NSCLBP.”

“In conclusion, 4 weeks core stabilization exercises may be useful to increase contracted thickness of Gmax and TrA muscles and decrease disability in NSCLBP patients.”

                This low-diagonal sit is a good start to practicing using the core and is a good precursor to a side plank. Start by holding the low diagonal sit for 30 seconds on each side. Do 3 sets 3 times a week.

Moving well is free and is just one of the three factors that keep us healthy and in a state of homeostasis. It’s important to eat a whole food-based diet, manage stress and receive regular chiropractic adjustments to stay as healthy as possible.


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