Avoid Injury with This Pre-Run Warm Up

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Warm Up to Avoid Injury

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Warm up before a workout is a must to prevent injury but what is the best way to warm up? There is a debate between dynamic stretching and static stretching, and which one is best. From what the research shows we need to incorporate both into our workouts to warm up and cool down. Dynamic warms ups are going to help with more explosiveness of your exercises before your workout and the static stretching is going to help with elongating your muscles to help increase function during and after your workout.

When we warm up, we want to do more of the dynamic stretching before a workout.  This focuses more on getting your muscles and joints loose for the activity at hand.  The way we do our dynamics stretches to start with slow controlled movements which bring both the lower and upper body through a safe range of motion.  After you feel like you’re getting more lose you’ll want to move to a faster and more upbeat tempo.  Studies show that doing dynamic warmups prior to activity can increase power, explosiveness, and overall performance as opposed to static stretching.

Here’s a few Dynamic Warm Up Exercises:

  • Arm circles
  • Dynamic Side Lunge
  • Super kicks
  • Leg Swings
  • Hip Stretch with Twist
  • Knee to Chest and rotate out
  • Jumping Jacks

After your workout we want to make sure we always do a cool down to properly let our muscles relax and not just tighten up right away. The idea of static stretching is to elongate the muscle just past the point it feels tight (please don’t push it too far and strain your muscles should be nice and comfortable). Be sure to hold each stretch for 60-90 seconds for the max benefits.


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