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Vitamin C Green Smoothie!

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Orange you glad you got your Vitamin C Green Smoothie

I know we have all heard it before.  “You have a cold?  Better take more Vitamin C.”  I’m pretty sure I was in elementary school when I first heard that specific myth that vitamin C helps cure the common cold.  While this isn’t true, the health benefits of Vitamin C have once again been brought to the foreground with the claims it helps protect us from COVID-19.  So, what is Vitamin C, how does it help us, and where can we get it?

Vitamin c is present throughout many of our body systems and helps prevent a multitude of diseases ranging from eye disease, cardiovascular problems, and immune system deficiencies.  Another important role is it’s use as an antioxidant.  Oxygen is present in our bodies in a variety of forms but can also be toxic to us at times when it is present as a free radical.  While free radicals are necessary in small amounts, our diet, stress, and increased sedentary lifestyles have created higher concentrations of these oxygen free radicals throughout our body.  This becomes a problem because the free radicals cause us to break down or degenerate more rapidly and higher free radicals have even been linked to cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.  This is where our antioxidants come into play.  They lessen the burden of the potentially toxic free radicals by inhibiting chemical reactions called oxidation (No oxidation…Anti-oxidant).

Fruits and vegetables are among the best sources for vitamin c with citrus fruits like oranges commonly thought of as having the highest amounts of vitamin c.  Many don’t realize that vegetables such as bell peppers, kale, and broccoli actually have more vitamin c than oranges.  You can also find high amounts in strawberries, cantaloupe, papaya, guava, and pineapple among many other fruits.  No matter where you are getting your vitamin c, make sure it is coming from real food as our body can absorb and utilize it much better.  Continue to eat better, move more, and manage your stress to keep the free radicals down and yourself healthy!


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