Best Stretch for Upper Back Pain

Trap Stretch for Upper Back Pain

Video by Dr. John Wertish

Upper Back Pain Stretch

Sitting at a computer all day can cause your upper back to become a rock. Over the past 10 years of practice patients have complained that their upper trapezius is knotted up and causes pain. The stress from sitting all day at a desk, or texting on a phone can cause this muscle to be overactive. The trapezius muscle attaches to the shoulder blade and originates at the base of the head. This muscle can cause compression to restrict motion in your neck joints and cause pain. Over time mechanical patterns can change and lead to overactive and tight muscles that continue to limit range of motion. Your regional range of motion can decrease causing the rest of the muscle to compensate and get inflamed.  The upper back pain can worsen, and you can have symptoms such as headaches, numbness and tingling down the arm, neck, and upper back pain. Once the upper trapezius muscle is stretched it will allow for better motion in your neck. Don’t forget about your neck joints moving, get adjusted and let Hilton’s Law apply to gain your joint function back!


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