As a species human being require social interaction and a positive state of mind to truly be healthy. The research is clear that stress is literally killing us. At Texas Chiro Health, we provide all of our patients with the most current research and techniques to help them manage stress and truly be healthy. Without a positive outlook and management of life’s stresses a person cannot truly be healthy. Thinking well is as important to our health as nutrition and exercise and is essential for all healthy human beings.
Improve Stress and Manage Pain

Improve Stress and Manage Pain Through Journaling

Journaling to Improve Stress and Manage Pain Shared by Dr. Erik Waldeland Journaling to Improve Stress Levels and Manage Pain Almost daily, I have conversations with my patients on how well they’re managing stress and pain and discuss strategies they can try to better manage those levels. 

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Writing Helps Relieve Stress

Writing It Down to Help Relieve Stress

Writing Helps Relieve Stress Shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens Write It Down Those that knew me growing up can attest to what I am about to tell you.  I was never a big fan of writing.  I knew how, but it isn’t something I ever would sit

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 Stress and Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Lower Stress to Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

McKinney Chiropractor;  Stress and Avoid Cardiovascular Disease Video by Dr. Chris Phillips   Avoid Cardiovascular Disease  Stress is a completely unavoidable part of our every day lives.  For that reason, I wanted to do this video to review the research on how stress is affecting our cardiovascular

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The best Way to Manage Stress

The Best Way to Manage Stress with Your Breath

Manage Stress with Diaphragmatic Breathing Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile Everyday we are confronted with the flight or fight response. Our body’s response to the environment where we either activate our sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. When we are in a constant state of flight our sympathetic

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Family Game Night

Why You Should Have a Family Game Night

Destress with Family Game Night Dr. Bryan Stephens As the weeks get crazy, my wife and I continue to search for ways for to secure family time.  We look for different ways to keep our girls entertained and engaged without just putting them in front of the

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Importance of What We Listen To

How What We Listen to Effects Our Mood

The Importance of What We Listen To Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile   What we listen to is important. This is not only externally from music or from other people’s voices and opinions. It is also crucial to listen to the way we speak about ourselves in

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Think Well January 1, 2021