The Power of Nature on Your Mental Health

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Better Mental Health in Nature!

Share by Dr. Danny Hartwell

Better Mental Health in Nature!

Hey everybody! I wanted to share an experience of mine. I was able to go up to one of my favorite lakes where I was able just to sit and watch the water. Though there may be a small hike involved to get to this spot, it’s beyond worth it to me. There’s something about being in nature that is calming to me, especially when I’m near a body of water. At times we all can get side tracked by the hustle and bustle of daily life and all the things we need to get done, however it seems like a much more difficult task to take some time to just sit still. I’ve been guilty of this too. I believe that sometimes a mental break from everything is just what we need to feel a bit more refreshed. You can have Better Mental Health in Nature!

There was a cross-cultural study done in Europe that found there may be a correlation between improved mental health and natural outdoor environments (NOE as referred to in the study). This study states “However, NOE contact, especially surrounding greenness, was statistically significantly tied to better mental health. There were indications that these relationships were stronger for males, younger people, low-medium educated, and Doetinchem residents. Perceived stress was a mediator of most associations, and physical activity and social contacts were not.” (Triguero-Mas et. Al. 2017). Though there seems to be the need of further studies to find the mechanisms of why nature can affect mental health, this study can give the possibility of a correlation of the two.

Our Message

Our Doctors at our location near the corner of Eldorado Pkwy. and Ridge Rd. love to help our patients to stay healthy. We want to help you know how to be healthy by making good choices on diet, movement and mental health. So, take some time for yourself and find a space in nature this week.  Just sit and be still for 10 minutes or so. Let me know how you feel after!