Lower Stress to Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

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 Stress and Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Video by Dr. Chris Phillips


Avoid Cardiovascular Disease 

Stress is a completely unavoidable part of our every day lives.  For that reason, I wanted to do this video to review the research on how stress is affecting our cardiovascular system and leading to cardiovascular disease.  I think it is important, as I mention in the video to look at the duration of stress.  This research shows us how stress can be a benefit to the cardiovascular system when managed correctly and experienced in short spurts.  It is the chronic stress that is having a hugely negative impact on our cardiovascular system and leading to the rise in cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, ischemic attacks, and coronary artery disease.  In the video I get into the physiological mechanisms by which the cardiovascular system is being negatively affected.  However, I think the most important part of the video is the focus on removing rocks from our backpacks (you will understand when you watch).  What kind of daily psychological fitness routine do we have in place to make sure that we minimize the effects of the everyday life stresses.  Everyone at this point understands that it is important for us to exercise and have a physical fitness routine.  Where we fall short is in understanding the importance of a psychological fitness routine.  Just as fat cells and the negative impact of them build up in our body, so do negative thoughts and the toxins associated with them.  We can combat this by taking time to decompress.  I give some examples in the video.  I challenge each person to create a routine and make an appointment with yourself every day for some you time to Manage Stress and Avoid Cardiovascular Disease!  Enjoy the video and thank you for watching the 12 Minutes to Health.

Our Message

We love to help our patients in McKinney stay healthy. We are here to relieve back pain, neck pain and headaches while also teaching about how our diet and stress effects our over all health. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as the chiropractic adjustment and getting the proper nutrients to stay healthy. Our Doctors, near the corner of Eldorado Pkwy. and Stonebridge Rd., want to help you Manage Stress and Avoid Cardiovascular Disease!

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