Strengthening the Hamstrings to Reduce Low Back Pain with This Exercise

Strengthening Hamstrings for Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

One of the more common things we are starting to see in our McKinney office are more and more people with low back pain. Even patients who are fairly young like in their mid and late 20’s with pain traveling down the glute or down the leg. Most of them don’t know how it started. They believe it started when they just got out of their office chair to walk and get something, but what most people don’t realize is, it comes from our lifestyle choices that lead up to it hurting when they stand up. Low back pain is common to have in today’s world. It’s not normal to have just like any debilitating pain is, but it’s really coming from our society. Majority of America now works from home and majority of those people work from their bed, couch, or kitchen table and all of those areas have one thing in common, which is poor posture. Our bodies are molding into those poor postures because of how long we sit at the desk or in the chair and we didn’t even get to the part of how bad the ergonomics are for you for where you’re sitting and the physical stress it puts on our bodies. This is why it’s very important to make sure you get up every hour to at least do some form of stretching and walking around to stay loose. Your joints have to stay moving, otherwise pain will set in over time and it will get worst for you. Your posture will begin to decline, stress will rise, tension and tightness in the lower back will begin to set in alongside with pain.

This is how we see patients because it all started with not moving anymore and those joints have just “frozen” up. Hamstrings play a big role in low back pain along with other muscle groups, but they are one of the more common ones to be inactivated. So, this easier exercise will help with strengthening the hamstrings to help stabilize the pelvis but it won’t be a problem solver for you. You may feel better, but you need to address the structure of your spine and get that checked out and taken care of. So make sure you don’t put it off any longer and make sure you get checked out so you can get rid of this low back pain and get back to moving the way you should be.


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