Chiropractor’s Tips to Stay Positive and Reduce Stress

Stay Positive to Reduce Stress

Shared by Dr. John Wertish

Stay Positive to Reduce Stress

We all have experienced days when things did not go our way. Human experience can throw us into different situations that are not planned and impact our mental mood. A wonderful way to change your mood is to focus on things that have been positive in your life. It should generate a feeling of being grateful and/or happy. If that is tricky thing, think of an experience where you felt joy, love, or peace.  We can also change our mood by changing the physical states that we are in. One of my favorite activities when a negative mood is to smile as hard as I can. Focusing on feeling the muscles in my face and changing my thoughts to positive affirmations. When our mood changes it can impact our health. Stress levels release stress hormones that can cause changes in homeostasis and can cause pain. We need to focus on our thoughts to stay well. Depressive thoughts can impact how our body feels. It can lead to neck and back pain, headaches, and muscle fatigue. Try to stay positive and you can help your body physically feels!

I attached an article on how positive affirmations can impact your stress levels. The conclusion of this study is below.

“The present study was aimed to investigate the effectiveness of affirmation on stress, anxiety, and depression of cardio vascular disease female patients. Through the results and discussion it can be concluded that affirmation was significantly effective therapy for reducing stress anxiety and depression of cardio vascular disease female patients.?



S Rana, S Kumar (2016) To study the effectiveness of Positive Affirmation on Stress, Anxiety and depression of Cardio Vascular Female Patients. International Journal of Indian Psyschology, Volume 4, iIssule 1, No. 79, ISSN:2348-5396 (e), ISSN: 2349-3429 (p), DIP:18.01.087/20160304,ISBN: 978-1-365-56745-2


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