Exercise to Regain Motion and Reduce Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Reduce Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

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Our poor posture from the computer work has contributed to upper back and shoulder pain. This postural stress leads to muscle imbalance and lack of motion that causes pain. Chiropractic care helps improve mobility and allows the joints to recover correctly. A common issue that we see in the Chiro Health Clinics is weakness in certain shoulder muscles that leads to increased stress in the back. The movements of the scapula in rotation, abduction and tilting are essential for normal shoulder function. If the strength is lost in the serratus anterior, we impact how our scapula can move. Easy movements such as brushing your hair, cleaning your teeth, or reaching overhead can become problematic. The serratus anterior is a muscle that attaches to your scapula and your rib cage. A floor or a wall push up by keeping your elbow locked and focusing on your shoulder blades protraction or moving from the middle of your back around your rib cage, is a fantastic way to activate and strengthen the muscle. This can help with shoulder and back pain. Try this exercise out to help the stability of your shoulder and if you are dealing with pain take advantage of our donation to charity to get answers to why the pain is present!

Below are a few quotes from research on scapula winging and the serratus anterior.

“The shoulder pathologies are the most common origin of complaints. Almost all shoulder pathologies are accompanied with a degree of dyskinesis. The most common pathologies that are associated with some form of scapular dyskinesis are: (1) acromioclavicular instability, (2) shoulder impingement, (3) rotator cuff injuries, (4) glenoid labrum injuries, (5) clavicle fracture and (6) nerve-related. The common characteristic of all these pathologies is the disturbance of the scapulohumeral rhythm”

“The scapula is an under-appreciated component of the shoulder kinematic chain. The importance is highlighted by the significant improvements in functional ability after rehabilitation. Clinical evaluation of the scapular resting position and function is paramount for the prescription of the necessary physical therapy exercises.”


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