Relief From Mid Back Pain Caused by Poor Posture

Relief From Mid Back Pain

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A common thing we see in the office are patients wanting relief from midback pain and a lot of them are people who have similar jobs. Such as sitting at a desk job, but not only does poor posture build up and cause midback tightness and pain it actually causes instability within the spine which can also lead to pain. Now, poor posture is a big cause as to why most of America has mid back pain. Most people believe it was a single occurrence, but what they don’t realize is it’s retraining your spine in a negative way and putting pressure on your back. The ligaments and tendons start to over stretch and cause tightness and stiffness in the joints which means the muscles around the spine are inactivated and they can’t do their jobs to help support your spine. This is where a combination of strengthening and stretching come into place and help you get relief from mid back pain. The adjustment is one thing, to allow movement within the spine so the body can function the way it needs to, but the exercises and what you’re doing for those muscles is another thing and is very important when we look at stability. Stability is going to promote longevity, which should be the goal for all patients. We always let patients know, it’s not about just getting you out of pain, it’s also looking at how do we make sure pain doesn’t return. Maintenance is a big thing we talk about and you have to maintain exercising and getting adjusted overall to make sure you don’t fall back into square one where you first started. This is a very basic exercises you can incorporate in your day-to-day life especially if you’re one that sits a lot. But this exercise will not be the problem solver. Take advantage of the doctors and get your questions answered so you don’t have to live with back pain any longer.


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