Manage Pain and Reduce Stress Through Journaling

Reduce Stress by Journaling

Shared by Dr. Erik Waldeland

How we manage our stress plays a much more important role in our recovery process than most people realize.  When we have lower stress, our cells and tissue can recover properly, and hormone production is regulated properly. According to the research article, journaling is a helpful tool for individuals dealing with mental health issues, particularly anxiety. Journaling helps individuals express their thoughts and emotions, leading to increased self-awareness and understanding of their internal experiences. This process allows individuals to identify triggers and patterns in their thinking and behavior, leading to a more proactive approach in managing their mental health.

Moreover, journaling provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. While journaling is not a substitute for professional mental health treatment, it can be a helpful complementary tool for individuals seeking to manage their mental health. The researchers recommend incorporating journaling into daily self-care routines and practicing it regularly to reap the benefits it offers.


“The practice of journaling is an effective strategy for prioritizing tasks, managing stress, reducing anxiety, and increasing productivity “

“Journaling is a cost‐effective and easily implementable method in different STEM areas to promote metacognition and mental health in students.”


At Minnesota Chiro Health, our chiropractors examine the person, and consider not only how their spine is functioning, but also what the diet looks like as well as how they manage stress to determine what the root cause of the problem is.  This helps us to ensure we are getting to the root cause of the dysfunction in the body and addressing all aspects of health to get our patients better, longer.  Getting sufficient sleep helps us function better on a daily basis while also taking unnecessary stress off the body.



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