The Importance of Sleep to Reduce Stress and Pain

How to Reduce Stress and Pain

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Reduce Stress and Pain

How Important Is Sleep to Help Reduce Stress and Pain?

Sleep is one of the most underrated topics when we talk about health. Ever wonder why we’ve been told as a society that we can just “supplement” for sleep and get it when we can. Well, the truth is sleep is one of the main things we should focus on when it comes to stress. When people are stressed, they usually have a hard time with getting sleep. When we lack this, we create stress within our bodies. The hormone cortisol rises in our bodies and puts off a lot of stress throughout. Most people when they are stressed carry a lot of tension throughout their bodies, mostly in the neck and shoulder area. This can cause a lot of issues such as headaches, back tension, shoulder pain and many other things. Losing sleep can also alter our homeostasis levels which is the overall quality of our lifestyle. When homeostasis is altered this can play big affect in a lot of things. Not only will our sleep be disturbed, but our diet can be altered meaning we don’t feel like eating like we do. The average sleep a person should get is anywhere from 6 – 8 hours of sleep, in order to be fueled again and be brought back to homeostasis. Here are a couple of quotes from the article that I liked most.

“Chronic sleep restriction is an increasing problem in many countries. Since the body’s stress systems play a critical role in adapting to a continuously changing and challenging environment, it is an important question whether these systems are affected by sleep loss.”

“The human body mobilizes defensive processes in an adaptive effort to maintain homeostasis. If these defenses fail, insomnia may occur. Short-term insomnia is caused by a change in routine such as psychiatric illness, disability, and stress.”

Make sure you’re getting your sleep in to make sure you’re managing your stress levels to live a happy and healthy life as you should!


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