Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain by Improving Mobility with This Exercise

Improve Mobility to

Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain with Improved Mobility

Individuals who spend their workday behind a desk often experience similar issues of discomfort or pain. This is due to a variety of reasons, however many times in our clinic we find it can be due to lack of joint mobility, muscle deficiencies and states of prolonged postures. Often, this is felt in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. This month’s move well video focusses on an easy mobility drill that targets all three of these areas. All that is needed is wall space! I find that the most relatable drills are usually the most accessible with no equipment required. Below is a research review that discusses how improved thoracic mobility can improve neck pain and posture!


When reviewing the research, it is found that thoracic mobility was reduced in populations with neck pain. There was an association found between thoracic kyphosis and postural alteration in the cervical spine as well. The review favors the inclusion of thoracic spine assessment and treatment in mechanical neck pain patients. This review confirms what we do in the clinic works! Our PT programs are designed to include different techniques and approaches, so regardless of your specific presentation, we can formulate a gameplan to get you out of pain! Give this drill a try and let us know how it feels! If it is difficult to get your arm to go through the full range of motion, that is an indication you would be a great candidate to receive care. Let us help you reach your movement potential!


Research Referenced

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