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Pasture Raised Chicken

Recipe by Dr. Travis Downs


We are what we eat, and the protein we eat needs to be as clean as possible. I always get asked the question, what do you mean by a clean protein? A clean protein is an animal we get our protein from animals that are raised on the foods and in the environment their species requires to be healthy. In this case we are talking about chickens. Chickens are supposed to be pasture raised.  Pasture raised chickens by definition are:

  • Poultry that is raised in a way that’s consistent with how chickens would naturally live: in pasture, with the ability to freely roam, scratch, and peck, improving the soil at the same time.
  • When pasture-raised poultry and eggs are paired with a Certified Humane label, this indicates that hens are given 108 square feet of outdoor space per bird, as well as access to a barn or structure for shade and cover.
  • Pasture-raised chickens eat a diet made up of provided feed and foraged grubs and insects, which is the natural diet of healthy chickens.

When our chickens are raised in this environment, they are healthier and thus the meat we eat from these chickens is healthier as well. Looking at the research they have done when comparing commercialized chicken to pasture raised chicken the nutrient difference is clear between the two. “Although pasture intake did not affect the meat LA content, levels of n-3 PUFA (ALA, EPA, DPA, and DHA) in breast meat were significantly greater in birds consuming the leguminous biomass, which suggests an important deposition of ALA and the conversion of this n-3 precursor to its derivatives in these birds.” (1) The cleaner the chicken we eat, greater amount of Omega 3 we can get from it. This leads to less inflammation and the healthier lives!

Just like it is absolutely essential for the chickens to be pasture raised to maintain their health, the same is true for humans.  We cannot live optimally if we are ingesting food that is not raised optimally.  We are not designed to ingest sick, disease ridden meat.  This is important to keep in mind when shopping and preparing healthy meals.




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