Correct Your Posture for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief

Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Have you ever been sitting at your desk or even on the couch at home and tried to stretch out to get neck or upper back pain relief? That’s your body telling you that your posture is getting worse by the second. What happens throughout the day your body will start fatiguing if you’re not being active enough throughout the day, making sure you’re getting up every hour or so to make sure you’re maintaining movement throughout your joints. If you do not, then you get stiff joints which then cause inflammation to go up into your body and then that’s when pain starts setting in. Within time this will develop poor posture, which is something everybody is experiencing because of today’s society. Kids now a days in school are using iPad’s which is putting their postures at risk such as looking down and risking issues to arise in the future. Well, same thing with adults and computer and working from home sitting or laying on the couch allows for people not to be active and puts their bodies in awkward positions which causes them to deal with the neck and upper back that they deal with. The biggest thing with this exercise is squeezing your shoulder blades together as if you are squeezing a pencil with your shoulder blades. This allows you to pull your shoulders back and down into the proper position. If you are dealing with neck and upper back pain I can guarantee you your shoulders  are rolled forward and down, and your head is hanging in front of your shoulders. The biggest thing is making sure everything is stabilized in order for the structures to not return back to what they were. Mobilization is the biggest thing, but making sure you’re getting adjusted and restoring motion in your joints to help lower your inflammation overall. I hold each position for 15 – 20 seconds and usually do 3 sets total. If you start feeling numbness in your arms then you know you’re doing the exercise correctly, because that means you are now activating muscles that were not activated before. If this is something you’re still struggling with come in and see us to get checked out. You should not have to live with pain, you should be able to live the life you want to live and do what you want to do!



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