“Movement is life!” In order to be truly healthy, it is essential to our body and our DNA that we get enough movement and brisk exercise to reach homeostasis and truly be healthy. At Texas Chiro Health we provide all of our patients with the best research showing how important movement is to our health and happiness. We help our patients understand the importance and develop the habits of daily movement in accordance with what humans require to live their healthiest life.
Best Treatment for Low Back Pain 

Chiropractic is the Most Effective Treatment for Low Back Pain

McKinney Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary; Best Treatment for Low Back Pain  Comparison of Spinal Manipulation Methods and Usual Medical Care for Acute and Subacute Low Back Pain A Randomized Clinical Trial Michael Schneider, DC, PhD, Mitchell Haas, DC, MA, Ronald Glick, MD, Joel Stevans, DC, and

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Cat Camel Exercise

Best Stretch for Back Pain

McKinney Chiropractor; Cat Camel Exercise Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens Cat Camel Exercise and Curvature! Back mobility is incredibly important to our ability to get through life without additional pain and inflammation.  We spend so much time sitting and hunching that we eventually build up adhesions in

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Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise in the Prevention of Chronic Disease

McKinney Chiropractor; Effects of Diet and Exercise on Chronic Disease Video Review by Dr. Chris Phillips Diet and exercise combined, are two of the biggest players in the health world.  I will always include stress management but this research article focuses on diet and exercise only.  Which

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scapular stabilization

Best Exercise for Better Posture

McKinney Chiropractor; Scapular Stabilization Video by Dr. Anthony Vasile In today’s society most people suffer from poor posture. One of the reasons for this is that we are constantly looking down at our cell phones. Ever hear of text neck? It’s a real thing and we see

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Avoid Text Neck!

Why You Should Avoid “Text Neck”

Dallas Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary;  Avoid Text Neck! Demonstration of central conduction time and neuroplastic changes after cervical lordosis rehabilitation in asymptomatic subjects: a randomized, placebo‑controlled trial Ibrahim M. Moustafa1,2, Aliaa A. Diab2, Fatma Hegazy1 & Deed E. Harrison3* Research Reviewed by Dr. Travis Downs Summarized

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Improve Range of Motion

How to Improve Range of Motion in Your Spine

McKinney Chiropractor; Improve Range of Motion Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens Hopefully you have never experienced the inability to look over your shoulder while driving.  Or pain and a higher golf score by not being able to follow through with your swing (higher scores = worse scores

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Move Well January 1, 2021