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Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Why Foam Roll?

A common question I hear from patients is “what can I do at home to help keep from being so tight?”  Whether the tightness is coming from a heavy workout, repetitive motions and traumas, postural changes, or even inactivity, foam rollers and lacrosse balls are a fantastic tool to use in breaking up the tension we feel.  They afford us the ability to add mobility while breaking up adhesions that build up when our muscles are in an anaerobic state.  Essentially that means that our muscles stay tight when they can’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need.  You’ve heard us mention the importance of Hilton’s Law and how motion is an essential nutrient for our body.  These tools help us maintain that motion without breaking up our kinetic chain and causing compensations when we move.

How to Foam Roll

I personally prefer the foam rollers for larger body areas such as the mid back and the legs while using the lacrosse balls to roll out in the shoulders, low back, and neck.  The reason I use the lacrosse balls on the low back, even thought it is a larger body area, is because the foam roll can cause your facets (the place where your joints connect in the low back) to compress and cause pain.  Lacrosse balls can be used to stay off the spine while working into the muscle next to it.  Make sure that when you are foam rolling, that you are spending enough time on each area, so the muscle has a chance to release.  It may not feel relaxing right away, but when finished, you should feel looser and warm as the blood brings the needed nutrition to the muscles.

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