How to Avoid Headaches and Lower Stress

Lower Stress to Avoid Headaches

Share by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Lower Stress to Avoid Headaches

“The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things.”

-Thomas Troward

This quote seems to make perfect sense when you think about it.  If you focus on what you want, you can work towards it.  If you focus on what you lack, you find yourself lacking more.  I was reminded of this just last week.  I became so focused on what was missing, that I kept missing more things.  This continued to add to the stress until I noticed a headache coming on.  I don’t often struggle with headaches, so they are a wake up call for me to slow down and examine what I have done to bring them on.  Most of the time, it is a stressful thought process that has progressed and become a source of tension in my upper back and neck.  This was once again the case.  I have a few go-to lectures, books, and podcasts to help me get out of my head and overcome my most recent struggle.  One of these lectures is Excuses Begone Lecture with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  This is just one of the quotes that jumped out at me the last time I listened to it.

Dr. Dyer goes on to explain that the stresses and tensions we experience are choices that we impose on ourselves.  If we choose to focus on the stressors, we feel more stressed.  If we choose to focus beyond the stress, we can help find ways to overcome our problems.  “We don’t solve our problems, we outgrow them.”  So how are you going to outgrow your stresses?  I choose to find ways to shift my mind and focus on more positive thoughts, gratitude, and productivity.  The positive thoughts help build psychological resilience which is a key factor in being able to lower stress, which also lowers the inflammation that can lead to trigger points and pain.  I have shared a few different tips in the past from walking, to meditating, to breathing.  Find one that you prefer and practice it for 2 weeks.  Experiment until you find the stress management technique that works best for you.



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