How to Improve Range of Motion in Your Spine

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Improve Range of Motion

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Hopefully you have never experienced the inability to look over your shoulder while driving.  Or pain and a higher golf score by not being able to follow through with your swing (higher scores = worse scores in golf).  Or hear the impending charge of your child running towards you and not be able to avoid the collision because you couldn’t turn and move away in time.  I could go on, but I think you are getting the picture.  Rotation is not just a movement reserved for our neck.  We should be able to turn and move our body from side to side.  Stiffness often develops from a variety of sources, but a common issue is one of lack of motion.  If you don’t move in a certain direction, you will eventually lose the full range of motion in that direction.  What starts off as imperceptible changes, can grow to complete stiffness and rigidity.  As this rigidity begins to take place, adhesions begin to form within the muscle and fascia that further restrict the ranges of motion needed to achieve a healthy joint.  It becomes a vicious cycle with the ending simply being that if you don’t move, then you can’t move.  Now, the great part about all of this, is rotation exercises and stretches are incredibly easy to add into any workout/warm up routine.  The main concept is to keep one part of your body, upper or lower, in place while twisting the other half.  It helps to have your body against either the floor or a wall, but the concept is the same no matter what.  This inclusion of rotational stretches and movements will aid in keeping your muscles loose and allow your joints to follow through with full ranges of motion and avoid the inflammation that builds up with inactivity.  So just remember to Improve Range of Motion, keep moving and continue on your road to wellness.

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