How Stress Impacts Our Overall Health

 Stress and It’s Impact on

Our Overall Health

Video Review By Dr. Chris Phillips

Does stress really have a negative impact on your health?  What kind of stress impacts us most?  How do we manage the health effects of stress?

These are the questions that I not only deal with from patients each day, but have to seek out the answers for myself and my family.  So, as always I dove into the research and put this video review together to help everyone understand what the medical research has to say.  To say stress effects our health in a negative manner is a GIGANTIC understatement!  Ass you watch this video you will start to see just how bad your stress is effecting your health and immune system.  There are however, different kinds of stress and ways to mitigate the stress and its negative implications.

Stress is unavoidable and natural.  The biggest thing as you’ll learn is having stress resilience.  If we are not acknowledging our stress and managing it, it will add up and become chronic stress.  Chronic stress is one of the biggest root causes of illness and disease on earth today.  It is vital to develop a stress management routine.  This doesn’t have to be a giant thing.  Sometimes in talking to patients they stress thinking about managing stress.  I get it, but all you need to do is set up a couple minutes a day to remind yourself things will be ok and take some good deep breaths.  Seriously, that’s it.  What you will find is this feels so good and you feel so much better that it will naturally increase.  Watch this video and take notes.  Reach out to me with questions because this information can help you eliminate disease and sickness in your life.  Also, I challenge you to share it with a loved one who you think could benefit.  Thanks for watching The 12 Minutes to Health.

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