How Lack of Motion Leads to Mid Back Pain

Mid Back Pain Relief

Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland

In McKinney clinic, we recognize that mid back pain can stem from a wide range of sources.  Stretching is a fundamental practice with a multitude of benefits, particularly in alleviating pain and enhancing daily function. The attached research highlights the significant correlation between improved mobility and pain reduction, as elucidated in the study, which suggests, “improved mobility is associated with a decrease in pain intensity.” Furthermore, the article emphasizes that “increased flexibility may result in improved functional performance and reduced risk of injury.” This indicates that incorporating stretching routines into daily activities can not only diminish pain but also enhance overall functionality. Pain levels profoundly impact one’s health and ability to perform tasks efficiently, underscoring the importance of integrating stretching practices to alleviate discomfort and optimize daily function.

It is our mission to help our community learn the necessary tools to remain healthy and live a longer, stronger life.  Our Chiro health clinics always perform detailed exams to determine the needs of any given patient that walks through our door, as well as provide as many answers as possible to what is causing pain and how we may be able to help!


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