Hot Yoga for Stress and Pain Relief

Hot Yoga for Stress Relief

Shared by Dr. Trent Yeomans

Hot Yoga for Stress Relief

Stress can lead to back pain, neck pain and headaches and tends to build up when we don’t have an outlet to release. Finding healthy habits and activities that not only get you moving but teach you better practices to handle your stress when they start to build up are crucial in living a healthy pain -free lifestyle. I recently took my first hot yoga class here in McKinney and I found myself getting lost in the movements and pushing myself to focus on my breathing and leave all the stresses behind and be in the current moment. That led me to look at what research is out there on yoga and its effect on stress. In a study done by Hewett et al. They looked at just that. After a 16-week yoga program where they were doing yoga 3 times per week, they found significant changes in perceived stress levels, self-efficacy, and quality of life improvements. This means that they felt less stressed, they were able to do more day-to-day activities without feeling overwhelmed, and they had more confidence in their behaviors of getting things done. At the end of the day movement is always going to be movement and the research is going to continually point to if you eat better, move better, and think better, your stresses will come down and you’re going to live a pain free lifestyle.

“Psychological stress arises when an individual perceives environmental demands to exceed his or her adaptive capacity. Stress can increase the risk of developing chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease (CVD) and metabolic disease.”

“Physical activity is one of the more effective techniques to reduce psychological stress, yet stress has been shown to contribute to lower engagement in exercise, particularly in sedentary individuals.”

Hewett, Z. L., Pumpa, K. L., Smith, C. A., Fahey, P. P., & Cheema, B. S. (2018). Effect of a 16-week bikram yoga program on perceived stress, self-efficacy and health-related quality of life in stressed and sedentary adults: A randomised controlled trial. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 21(4), 352–357.

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