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Healthy Peach Sorbet Recipe

By Dr. Bryan Stephens

Healthy Peach Sorbet Recipe 


Healthy Dessert: Mythical Legend or Easy Reality

For those that don’t know me, I enjoy sweets.  This was initially difficult for me as I became more focused on healthy eating and avoiding the processed sugars, gluten, and dairy that is often associated with our cookies, cakes, pies, and my biggest weakness, ice cream.  Living and growing up in Texas, ice cream is a natural part of summer as it was cool and sweet during the hot days.  The problem that I have found as I have become older and wiser, is that the ice cream I enjoyed was actually killing me slowly.  Ice cream has the potential to hit all 3 of the major foods that create inflammation in our body.  Dairy and sugar are a given, but certain flavors contain cookies and cake pieces that contain gluten as well.  All 3 of these foods increase inflammation in our body.  This inflammation is responsible for the top killers in our nation!  Heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer come from chronic inflammation and choices we make throughout our lives.

And thus began my search for a cold dessert that was sweet to the palate, yet not harmful to the body.  I have found many kinds that I like (I told you, I have a sweet tooth) but fruit sorbet has been one of my favorite discoveries.  It is cold, refreshing, and naturally sweet, a perfect fit for what I was looking for during the hot summer months.  The best part is the ease with which it’s made.  It can be as easy as freeze some fruit and either blend it or put it in a food processer.  That’s it. I’ll add a few recipes down below for you to try out, but I encourage you to experiment with the fruits you choose and find one to your liking.  Just be sure to avoid the sugar and yogurts many add as we are trying to keep it healthy.  Instead, you can use wild organic honey, organic pure maple syrup, or organic agave nectar as substitutes.  And I feel that I should also put the disclaimer that even though this is a healthier dessert, it is still high in natural sugars and should be an occasional delicacy instead of a daily meal. So try this Healthy Peach Sorbet Recipe. Let me know what your favorite combination is and enjoy!

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