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Healthy Food Prevents Disease!

Recipe shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens

How your food impacts your health

Our diet helps determines how healthy we are.  When we give ourselves the proper mix of nutrients, we allow our true potential to shine through.  Have you ever heard “you are what you eat”?  This statement is closer to the truth than many people realize.  Take chicken for example.  The ways chicken are raised can help determine how healthy it is for us to eat.  “Pasture raised” are given at least 108 square feet and eat mostly what chickens would eat in the wild.  “Free range” chickens are seldom let outside and are given 2 square feet to live but are given more room than cage-free (1 square foot) or caged chickens (67 square inches). Another key difference is that these chickens are fed mostly corn and soy based commercial food.  This type of food accumulates within the chicken meat and is passed along to us when we eat them.  This is crucial because chicken meat coming from commercially fed chickens has been associated with higher cholesterol levels and imbalances in steroid hormonal levels.   The authors of the study even went as far to say:

“It is therefore, suggested from the present study that the intake of commercial chicken feed and commercial chicken meat may be the potential cause of development of polycystic ovary syndrome in females due to steroid hormonal imbalance.”

I prefer to have my chicken without the side of polycystic ovary disease!

Now let’s tackle the real question.  “What do I look for when shopping to make sure it’s a good food?”  There are key phrases to look for when at the store.  Those are:

Organic Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers, and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Pasture-raised Poultry is raised in a way that’s consistent with how chickens would naturally live: in pasture, with the ability to freely roam, scratch, and peck, improving the soil at the same time.

Grass-fed and Grass-finished Cattle received a grass or forage diet their entire lives. Grass Run Farms beef is both 100% grass fed and finished, meaning that the animals consume only grasses and forages, never anything else.

Wild-caught  Wild-caught fish are caught by fishermen in their natural habitats — rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. Additionally, wild-caught fish have the benefit of not containing antibiotics, as wild fish don’t have the same risk of disease or infection as farmed seafood

These refer to the fruits, vegetables, and proteins that we choose.  Besides being more nutrient dense, they will lack the toxins and pro-inflammatory markers that can get passed to us.  As always, continuing to cut down the stresses we place on our bodies through moving more, eating better, and managing our stress will keep us on the road to wellness.  Enjoy the meal!

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Free Range Chicken Recipe

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