Decrease Inflammation with Cherries

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Green Drink with Cherries!

Video by Dr. Travis Downs


Put a Cherry on Top!

We need to keep getting our raw fruits and veggies into our diet every day, but sometimes its gets methodical and boring so let’s get some variety into that green drink. When I want to switch it up, I love to add some cherries to my green drink. Although it turns it a purple/brown color it’s still delicious and the benefits that eating raw fresh cherries has on our bodies is incredible. The research that shows the benefits of eating cherries is long and extensive, but we will only hit a few of the main things it will help us with.

“The significant decrease of markers of inflammation and oxidative stress afforded by cherries and derivates may have implications for the management of clinical pathologies associated with high levels of inflammation and oxidative stress and suggests that their consumption may have the potential to reduce cardiovascular or chronic diseases in humans” (1).  This research tells us that cherries will decrease inflammation in our bodies as well as supply critical antioxidants to reduce chronic illnesses in our bodies such as heart disease. Also, consuming cherries will decrease your C-reactive protein and uric acid (2). Having increased uric acid in our bodies is what leads to gout in our hands and especially feet. If you know anyone or you deal with gout remember adding some cherries to your smoothie and keep eating right moving right and thinking right and you will see the gout flare ups decrease.


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Green Drink with Cherries!


1/3 cup of Cherries

3 pineapple chunks

Handful of Kale

2 Teaspoons of OmegA & D

2 Cups of Filtered Water (more or less water can be added depending on the thickness you like your smoothie)


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