Glute Exercise to Strengthen and Reduce Back Pain

Glute Exercise for Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. John Wertish

Glute Exercise for Low Back Pain

$50 billion dollars are spent each year on low back pain. We know 80% of the population will experience back problems in their lives. Chiropractic care is essential to get our bodies moving correctly to allow us to heal. Muscle’s that support our skeletal system and joints need to be strengthened to create stability in our joints. In the clinic we work with low back pain every day and a common weakness that contributes to that pain is the gluts and how the femur moved.  The glute muscle is often ignored when strength training, if that muscle is weak it can contribute to low back pain. This muscle helps us balance on one leg and is important for the stability of our core. Try the exercises in this video to help your glut strength and improve your back pain.

Below are a few quotes from research on latissimus dorsi and back pain.

“In people with LBP, dysfunction of muscles such as the gluteus medius have been demonstrated to increase spinal loading and reduce spinal stability.”

“The gluteus medius muscle in participants with LBP tended to demonstrate reduced strength and more trigger points compared to the gluteus medius muscle of those without LBP.”


1) Sadler, S., Cassidy, S., Peterson, B. et al. Gluteus medius muscle function in people with and without low back pain: a systematic review. BMC Musculoskelet Disord 20, 463 (2019).

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