Eating well can be a hard thing to do sometimes.  There are so many people who tell you so many different things.  “Go vegan, be a vegetarian, no carbs, gluten free…” At Texas Chiro Health it is our goal to educate our patients on how to eat right for the Human species.  We evolved as a species and ate a certain way for a reason.  We will give you the best research on how to eat in a way that is congruent with our species for optimal health.

Stay Healthy With Beet Chips

Healthy Snack Recipe with Beets

Stay Healthy With Beet Chips Shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens Stay Healthy With Beets Growing up, I never really ate beets.  My mom wasn’t a big fan, so it was just something that wasn’t really pushed or introduced to me until later.  It got to a point

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Intermittent Fasting

How Intermittent Fasting Can Improve Your Health

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting  Video By Dr. Chris Phillips   This is one of my favorite topics to not only talk about, but to incorporate in my daily life and health journey.  The effects on your health of intermittent fasting are numerous.  The Benefits of Intermittent

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Green Smoothie for Summer

Stay Healthy This Summer with Green Smoothies!

Green Smoothie for Summer Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer Stay Healthy This Summer with Green Smoothies! With Memorial Day coming up and summer just around the corner, a good healthy smoothie is the way to go for this Texas heat! This is one of my favorite green

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Avoid Chronic Disease

The Effects of Diet and Exercise on Chronic Disease

A Good Diet and Exercise to Avoid Chronic Disease Video Review by Dr. Chris Phillips The Importance of A Good Diet and Exercise Diet and exercise combined, are two of the biggest players in the health world.  I will always include stress management but this research article

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Eat Well June 16, 2020