Eating well can be a hard thing to do sometimes.  There are so many people who tell you so many different things.  “Go vegan, be a vegetarian, no carbs, gluten free…” At Texas Chiro Health it is our goal to educate our patients on how to eat right for the Human species.  We evolved as a species and ate a certain way for a reason.  We will give you the best research on how to eat in a way that is congruent with our species for optimal health.

Avoid Inflammation When Snacking

Chiropractors Tips to Avoid Inflammation When Snacking

Avoid Inflammation When Snacking Videos by Dr. Bryan Stephens Avoid Inflammation When Snacking This is probably one of the easiest recipes for a healthy snack that you will ever see.  Frozen grapes. The beauty of this is that I use it at my house for my daughters

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Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Reduce Inflammation and Pain with Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens Green Smoothies can help reduce Inflammation and pain With Fall coming up and around the corner seasonal allergies are very common to have and I see it a lot in the clinic now! Sinuses flare

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Decrease Inflammation with Probiotics

How Probiotics Can Help Decrease Inflammation and Pain

Decrease Inflammation and Pain with Probiotics St. Louis Park Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary; Probiotics Improve Inflammation-Associated Sickness Behavior by Altering Communication between the Peripheral Immune System and the Brain A review of D’Mello, C., Ronaghan, N., Zaheer, R., Dicay, M., Le, T., MacNaughton, W. K., Surrette,

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Low Sugar Green Smoothie Lemonade

Why You Should Make a Low Sugar Green Smoothie Lemonade

Low Sugar Green Smoothie Lemonade Video by Dr. Anthony Vasile Low Sugar Green Smoothie Lemonade This is one of my favorite recipes. It utilizes more of an acidic or citrus flavor instead of relying on the sweetness of other fruits that a lot of people use to

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Eat Well June 16, 2020