Lack of Motion Causes Mid Back Pain

Decreasing Mid Back Pain

Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans

Today, prolonged hours of doing desk work, being on our phones and living an increased sedentary lifestyle have become the new normal. We see this all the time in our patients that come in with mid back pain at our clinic in McKinneyf. We must strive to constantly battle the poor posture or positions that we put ourselves in on the daily that lead to increased stiffness and tight muscles and eventually mid back pain. Thoracic mobility is very important when addressing midback and low back pain. Maintaining a healthy posture is crucial on distributing the forces that are put on our spine during daily activities. When we lose our thoracic mobility, it can lead more stress on our mid and low back which leads to more discomfort and pain. In a study done by Divya et al. they wanted to see the effect of lumbar stabilization exercises and thoracic mobilization with strengthening exercises on pain level for people experiencing chronic low back pain. They found that when compared to a group who solely focused on lumbar stabilization the group who combined both lumbar stabilization with thoracic mobilization exercises showed greater results in decreasing patients’ overall pain and discomfort. Each Doctor with the Chiro Health team looks at all the joints in the body and make sure they are moving properly and strengthened to help decrease pain and discomfort.

“therapeutic intervention including lumbar stabilization exercise with thoracic mobilization and strengthening exercise showed significantly reduction of the thoracic kyphosis, pain level and functional disability in patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.”

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