Improve Core Strength to Decrease Low Back Pain

Decrease Low Back Pain with Core Strength

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson

When it comes to low back pain, there are often many contributing factors. One trend that is seen in clinics throughout the nation is, some level of varying core involvement. Our core is so important in making sure our body’s function well. One simple and effective way to build strength in the core is through abdominal planks. This is a classic exercise that can be done without equipment and has multiple modifications that can make the exercise harder or easier. It is a workout classic that can contribute to a stronger core which can decrease the likelihood of injury and help alleviate back pain.

One study performed by Marshall and Murphy (2006) examined the effectiveness of core stabilization exercises in preventing low back pain. The study included 35 participants who were randomly assigned to either an exercise group or a control group. The exercise group participated in a six-week core stabilization exercise program, while the control group did not receive any intervention. The results showed that the exercise group had a significant reduction in back pain compared to the control group.

Abdominal core exercises such as planking, are effective in preventing and reducing back pain. The research findings suggest that a regular core stabilization exercise program can improve muscle strength, reduce pain, and prevent injury. Incorporating abdominal core exercises into a regular exercise routine can help individuals maintain a strong and healthy core, which can improve overall physical health and well-being.

Give this exercise a shot and let us know if you want to learn further modifications!



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