The Power of Thought

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Change your thoughts, change your life!

Dr. Anthony Vasile

Change your thoughts change your life

It has been said that worrying is praying for the bad things to happen. When we focus our thoughts to different areas those areas come into reality. There was a very interesting experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto that showed how our thoughts and emotions have a physical impact. He took people and had them focus their thoughts into distilled water on either gratitude, love, honesty, happiness and also negative emotions like I can’t do this. He then flash froze samples of the water and looked at the structures under a microscope. The findings were fascinating and suggests that water carries and possibly receives information beyond the physical chemistry. Below I attached pictures which related these thoughts to structures.

When we realize that our thoughts have this physical power to change it is amazing to think that we ourselves are approximately 80% water. So, does this impact the structures within us?  We have yet prove this through experimentation, but it is an intriguing question. It makes me question and become aware of my thoughts. When I catch my mind wondering on self-limiting thoughts, I will even clap to snap myself out of it. Then take a deep breath and change my thoughts to positive ones. I encourage everyone to start to become more aware of their thoughts to start to help make positive changes in their lives. Try it today by setting an alarm on your phone or watch for every hour.  When it goes off, take a second to write down the thoughts you are having at that moment.  Are they positive or negative?  Change your thoughts, change your life.

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