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Cat Camel Exercise

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Cat Camel Exercise and Curvature!

Back mobility is incredibly important to our ability to get through life without additional pain and inflammation.  We spend so much time sitting and hunching that we eventually build up adhesions in our fascia.  Fascia is a type of connective tissue in our bodies that most of you have probably heard of and didn’t even realize it.  Does plantar fasciitis ring a bell?  That is swelling in the fascia of our foot that causes pain when we try to step and walk.  That same type of connective tissue is throughout our entire body.  These adhesions I mentioned earlier can act as a constant tension in our muscles.  When we sit too long, we form adhesions in our hip flexors.  The example I use in the office is one of ivy growing on a telephone pole.  Have you ever noticed how the ivy follows the telephone pole up and will branch out and expand?  The adhesions work the same way.  Eventually it pulls so tight, that we become unable to stand fully upright and compensate with our back by hyper extending it in order to look straight ahead.  In order to avoid these compensations, we need to keep our muscles more supple and flexible.  Stretches and exercises such as the cat camel exercise, using foam rollers or lacrosse balls, and yoga are great ways to increase our mobility and keep the adhesions from forming.  Every joint requires to be put through its full range of motion with resistance every day in order to remain healthy.  This full range of motion not only helps the joints, but, with Hilton’s Law, we also know the muscles share the same nerve and require the motion to keep from growing adhesions and adding inflammation to our body.  Try these simple movements when you wake or if you have been sitting for a while to bring the tension down in your entire back and ease through the stiffness of your day.  Stay mobile and check back for more exercise ideas next week.

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At our McKinney location, located near the corner of Eldorado Pkwy. and Ridge Rd., we are here to help you get out of pain! Our Chiropractors will relieve your pain through Chiropractic adjustments and teaching the proper form for  exercises. We also look at nutrition to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients while helping you manage stress to give your body the best fighting chance against pain and disease! Try this Cat Camel Exercise to help relieve Back Pain!