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Best Summer Salad

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Best Summer Salad

                Texas summers are hot. As a native to Pennsylvania, it has taken me some time to adapt to the heat here. I am still working on it. Grilling by the pool has become a somewhat regular occurrence. It’s nice to have a side dish that is cool. This recipe may sound weird but trust me it is refreshing and delicious. One ingredient that stands out and makes this so good is the balsamic vinegar.

I am one of those individuals that loves vinegar and can drink it straight. Not only does it taste good to me, but vinegars are shown to have a wide range of health benefits. If for some reason you are not familiar with vinegar, it is an acidic condiment with a variety of functional properties, including antibacterial, anti-infection, antioxidation, anticancer activities, blood glucose control, lipid metabolism regulation, and weight loss. Balsamic vinegar is a fruit vinegar which contains acetic acid. This organic acid is responsible for some of the health benefits mentioned above.

Next time it’s a hot day and you are a guest to a grill out or if you are hosting one yourself. Give this recipe a try and it will surely impress. It is a great refreshing side dish that marries well with any grilling favorite. It is cold, sweet, acidic, spicy, salty and healthy. If you like it let us know!

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