Stay Moving with This Stretch for Neck Pain

Best Stretch for Neck Pain

Shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Cervical CARS is the best stretch for neck pain and exercise that can be done anywhere. For some of us, we sit at the computer all day constantly looking at a screen creating some type of neck pain or discomfort. Something we talk about a lot in the office is Hilton’s Law and the importance of it. To sum it up, Hilton’s Law says as long as we are moving every joint in the body through a full range of motion against resistance, our body can function and heal at an optimal level. When we limit motion, we start to have some discomfort in those certain areas. This is called inflammation which then leads to pain. Some of those pain indicators are symptoms such as headaches, upper back pain, and even pain going down your arms. A lot of the symptoms can take place from poor posture while sitting. So, make sure you’re getting up every so often and moving around getting some motion into all of our joints and as always, getting adjusted to help decrease any of that inflammation that you have. Stay moving!



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