Healthy Mushroom Recipe

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Best Sauteed Mushroom Recipe!

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Best Sauteed Mushroom Recipe

Growing up in Pennsylvania I spent a lot of time in the forest. One passion of mine that I developed was foraging for wild edibles. It’s fun, educational and it’s a good excuse to take a walk in the woods. A wild edible that takes time to learn but is worth the investment is mushrooms. Some of my favorites to look for are lion’s mane, chaga, chicken of the woods, hen of the woods and morels. There is something special about finding food in nature. I remember reading somewhere that there is a specific part of our brain that allows us to remember the exact location where we find edibles like mushrooms. Under that specific rock or specific tree. If you do decide to go forage for yourself, make sure you bring an expert along with you the first time so they can physically show you. Be cautious because books are not always completely accurate.

Mushrooms are not only fun to find but there is an endless list to the health benefits that they contain. You can ingest them in teas, tinctures, powders, capsules or just plain out eat them. I am going to share the Best Sauteed Mushroom recipe with button mushrooms that is easy and delicious. I have attached a research article exploring some of the benefits that mushrooms have to offer.

Reference Article

Bhushan A, Kulshreshtha M. The Medicinal Mushroom Agaricus bisporus: Review of Phytopharmacology and Potential Role in the Treatment of Various Diseases. J Nat Sci Med 2018;1:4-9

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