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Best Guacamole Recipe

Shared by Dr. Travis Downs

Best Guacamole Recipe

Living in Texas, Guacamole is a part of life. When made right it’s one of the best dishes to make for a party or to just eat by yourself at home. But did you know if you are eating some guac your gut is defiantly thanking you right now. Research is showing that eating avocados can help improve your gut health. The researchers found that people who ate avocado every day as part of a meal had a greater abundance of gut microbes that break down fiber and produce metabolites that support gut health. The healthier our gut health is the healthier we are overall.

  • “We know eating avocados helps you feel full and reduces blood cholesterol concentration, but we did not know how it influences the gut microbes, and the metabolites the microbes produce”
  • “Less than 5% of Americans eat enough fiber. Most people consume around 12 to 16 grams of fiber per day. Thus, incorporating avocados in your diet can help get you closer to meeting the fiber recommendation.”

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