Avoid Back Pain with This Exercise for Better Balance

Balance Exercise for Back Pain

Video by Dr. John Wertish

Balance for back pain

I was always in awe when I am watching the gymnastic Olympics. The body coordination and athletic ability is impressive. The athletes can move their bodies and land on one leg after flipping multiple times is what is so captivating. I believe by watching these athletes we all can learn different things. One specific quality is the ability to maintain stability and balance. Balance is an exercise that is often forgotten.  Balance helps with the longevity, strength, and stability of your joints. This is done by strengthening the activation of the musculature surrounding the joint. Depending on what exercise you are doing you can work your receptors in your joints to help exercise multiple muscle groups by holding postures. Try this exercise out to help with your balance, this can lead to less back, hip, and knee pain. Here are some quotes from an article on Quadratus Lumborum and low back pain.

“Subjects with low back pain may have attempted to use extra mechanoreceptive cues to compensate for some kinesthetic deficit.”

“Stability of the lumbar spine re- lies on restraints imposed by bony and ligamentous structures and dynamic support from muscles, particularly from deep muscles with attachments directly to the lumbar vertebre.”



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