The Effects of Diet and Exercise on Chronic Disease

A Good Diet and Exercise

to Avoid Chronic Disease

Video Review by Dr. Chris Phillips

The Importance of A Good Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise combined, are two of the biggest players in the health world.  I will always include stress management but this research article focuses on diet and exercise only.  Which actually makes this a unique piece of scientific literature.  Typically in research, you try to isolate variable.  This is why I chose to review this piece.  It is unique and I believe necessary to look at the two together.  I always tell my patients you can’t out-run your fork.  Meaning that exercise alone is not enough when it comes to health.  Same can be said for a good diet not achieving optimal health without exercise.  As you will see in this video review, we could eliminate a lot of the chronic disease in the world with proper diet and exercise.

What We Can Do for Our Health

The tough part is diet and exercise can be hard.  But, there is no drug in the world that outperforms diet and exercise when it comes to living healthy and disease free.  I mean if you say someone is healthy, a picture pops into your head of someone.  I guarantee that person is not overweight, is not hunched over and that they workout and eat healthy.  That picture pops up instantly because you can’t be healthy unless you are eating well and exercising.  The cool part is you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of exercise.  Just like you don’t need a personal chef to eat healthy all the time.  Anyone can do it and become healthy.  Watch this video and ask questions.  Look up the research and don’t just take my word for it. True health lies inside our ability to keep ourselves at homeostasis.

Our Message

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