Anti-Inflammatory Sweet and Spicy Sauce Recipe

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Sweet and Spicy Sauce Recipe

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Sweet and Spicy Sauce


Sweet and Spicy Sauce

As humans we need to get our nutrients from our food. But, in our industrialized culture that we have today we miss out on a lot of great nutrients from our food because of how it’s processed, packaged, and the preservatives that are added. In some cases, these preservatives can lead to health issues depending on what the preservative is. To avoid this, we are making our sweet and spicy sauce at home. Most sauces are quick and easy and end up tasting better because you are using fresh ingredients. In this sauce we are making home made Sriracha sauce and adding a few more ingredients to give it the sweet and spicy taste. When we make it fresh like this, we actually get all the benefits and nutrients from all our ingredients. When we look at just the properties of peppers; research is showing that they have great health benefits. Studies have demonstrated the capsaicinoids antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and thermogenic properties (1,2). Other studies show “that capsanthin in Capsicum species can prevent or reduce dietetic lipid accumulation. In this context, the ingestion of peppers can be beneficial due to their role in inhibiting inflammation and improving plasma lipid profiles in the human body.” (3)

Let’s make it fresh and get more benefit!

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