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Awesome Aloe Vera for Gut Health

Video by Dr. Anthony Vasile

When most people hear of aloe, they immediately think of sun burn relief. While it is very effective to help soothe and heal sunburn, it also has so many more amazing health benefits. I love it so much that I grow several aloe plants at my home so I have it on hand whenever I need it. When I use it for sunburn, I actually cut off a leave and pop it in the refrigerator, so it is extra cold and soothing. I even take it hiking and camping as part of my first aid kit. The plant has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. I have even packed a cut with chunks of aloe to prevent it from getting infected. As the aloe dries it shrinks and will slowly pull the cut back together while keeping it clean. Not only is it great for the skin but it is used to help with digestion. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, but it also contains soluble fiber which is a fantastic prebiotic for our probiotics to promote a healthy gut environment. Basically, it is the food that keeps our bacteria thriving in our gut.

There was a study done that looked at the effects of aloe vera supplementation and its impact on inflammatory bowel disease. 44 patients with ulcerative colitis were given oral aloe vera for 4 weeks. The study found that aloe vera produced a clinical response by reducing inflammation and halting the activity of the disease more often than the placebo. This was a small study and further evaluation is needed.

I created this amazing aloe vera drink that tastes delicious and will support optimal gut health. I will be using the actual leaf which you can buy at the store or grow yourself. If not, aloe vera juice can be substituted.

Amazing aloe vera green drink:

  • 1 leaf from aloe vera plant. Skinned and gel removed.
  • 1 Innate Choice probiotic capsule
  • 1 handful mixed super greens
  • ½ green apple
  • 1 lemon wedge peeled and seeds removed


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Choosing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best way to eat healthy to avoid disease and illness which is why we teach our patients in McKinney, on the corner of Eldorado Pkwy. and Ridge Rd., about this Best Green Drink Recipe to make getting in all those nutrients easy and tasty! Our Chiropractors know how to get you out of pain through better movement AND making sure you are getting the proper nutrients. When you are looking for a Chiropractor near you, choose one who will not only get rid of your back pain, neck pain, or headaches but who will also guide you to living a healthier lifestyle to keep you out of pain