McKinney Chiropractor; 12 Minutes to Health- Knowing the connection between Diet and Aging

McKinney Chiropractor; Knowing the connection between Diet and Aging

Age Better by Eating Better!

Most people know that Chiropractic care helps people to get back to an active life by treating Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, etc… But we are also committed to teaching our patients here in McKinney, near the corner of Eldorado Pkwy. and Ridge Rd., what it means to be truly healthy, or achieve “Homeostasis”. We have found that the 3 things that have been the most researched and the most proven elements to having a healthy immune system that defends you against viruses and disease are How you Eat, How you Move and How you Think (Stress). In today’s health care, the focus is on medicating with antibiotics or preventing health issues with vaccine which we know will never be as good as you choosing a healthy lifestyle of Eating Better, Moving Better and Thinking Better. You can start choosing health today by watching as Dr. Phillips shares some more research on the connection between Aging and Diet in this weeks episode of 12 Minutes to Health! Remember, Age Better by Eating Better!


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